Ending indecision in the Sahel

A G 5 Sahel–France Summit is due to take place on 15 February in Ndjamena, Chad. Eight years after the successful deployment of French troops in Mali, the time has come for the allies to evaluate the situation so as to avoid the crumbling of the national consensuses on the conflict and to prevent their armies from getting bogged down. At the moment their most daunting enemy is the continuation of the status quo. How can they escape it?



Many Leaders Are Connected To the Traffic of Drugs in West Africa

Interview of Ahmedou Ould Abdallah to Africa Drugs Blog on RFI :Former Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for West Africa, Somalia and Burundi, Ahmedou Ould Abdallah now heads the Center 4 S (Center for Security Strategies in Sahel and Sahara) based in Nouakchott. For this good expert on West Africa and its mysteries, the fight against terrorism tends to obscure the importance of the drug trafficking. Even if he remains vague as for naming countries and culprits, the former diplomat denounced links between some heads of state in place and the networks of drugs.


« … If we do not pay attention, a country can be divided to infinity … »

 « … If we do not pay attention, a country can be divided to infinity … »

Ahmedou Ould Abdallah of Mauritania is certainly the best known abroad, and one of the most respected within the country.

He was minister, ambassador, before being an international civil servant at the United Nations where he was deputy secretary-general to the most senior UN officials for.

Recently, he decided to take voluntary retirement and settled in the country. Its use of time is always loaded, even if it intends to devote most of his time to the center he has just set up: The Centre for Strategy and Security in the Sahel-Saharan Africa (C4S). Desultory conversation with one of the founders of Mauritania, the master of nuance.

For cooperation of Sahel-Saharan States against terrorism

For cooperation of Sahel-Saharan States against terrorism

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Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah: a cooperation of Sahel-Saharan States against terrorism

(MFI / 08/11/11) According to the president of the Center for Security Strategies of the Sahel-Sahara Centre (4 S) Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah, the cooperation of Sahel-Saharan States (CEN-SAD) in the fight against terrorism must be frank and sincere.


La croix – Interview with Ahmedou Ould Abdallah « 

 The fall of Gaddafi should stop the illegal trafficking in the Sahel Sahel »

Back in Mauritania after many missions around the world as special envoy of UN Secretary General, particularly in Somalia from 2007 to 2010, Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah has created a new policy center dedicated to the safety of the Sahel Sahara (4 S Centre ) with headquarters in Nouakchott.