For A Collective Action in the Sahel



On the occasion of the first anniversary of the creation of the Center for Security Policy in the Sahel Sahara Region, the President of Centre4S, Ahmedou Ould Abdallah, calls upon neighbors’ Sates in the Sahel towards a quick and lasting resolution of the crisis in Mali.



The Sahel and the Malian Paradox


Today, the greatest threat, and the worse difficult consequences to contain it, is not located in the Northern part of Mali, as one could legitimately think, but paradoxically, in the South and more specifically in Bamako.




The crisis in the Sahel from Libya to Mali


The anarchy that is developing in Mal, after the crisis that stroke with the military coup against President Amadou Toumani Toure (ATT) undermines the stability across Sahel Sahara. It also reopens the debate on the weight of Islamist groups and the impact of the fall of Colonel Gaddafi’s regime for the region.